Senior living solutions that enhance

Senior living solutions that enhance comfort

Senior Care Environments For All Phases

Today, furniture and space design for a senior living facility must achieve two essential goals: support the aging process with functional solutions for healthcare providers and provide a comfortable environment for the more active and tech-savvy senior. At Beaux-Arts Group we excel at both.

Design That Adapts to Change

Senior Care Living Facilities are undergoing dramatic changes. As the aging population grows, becomes more active and continues embraces the ever-changing world of technology, their environments must embrace the change. At Beaux Arts Group we are proactive, focusing on quality products, durable materials and inspired technology as we expand long-term care capabilities for all facilities.

Senior Living Trends

Private Rooms

Evidence-based design solutions that help aging adults maintain independence with elegant finishes and sustainable products. Adaptive product lines and tech-forward options enhance the living experience and focus on the end user.

Community & Lounge

Adaptive design strategies and products that help maximize space and encourage social interaction. We carefully develop the design strategy and product selections to match the specific type of senior facility and needs of the aging adult.

Specialized Care

The rise of “Life Plan” facilities presents diverse resident demographics and some require specialized medical solutions. Centralized design strategies offer flexible faculty and nursing stations to improve response time with home-like styles and accessibility solutions.