Hospitality designs that are truly

Hospitality designs that are truly memorable

Extraordinary Designs – Memorable Experiences

Our goal is to help you create a stunning space that greatly enhances the experience for every guest. From a new restaurant launch to an iconic hotel restoration, our solutions can help you create memorable experiences that define a destination.

On-Brand Design

Beaux-Arts Group understands how to express your property’s brand and accentuate the feeling you want each space to convey.  Our team can help you define, position and elevate your brand with the perfect mix of sustainable products and bold space design.

Space Trends for Hospitality

Guest Rooms

Beautifully functional and comfortably inviting – it’s that simple. Incorporate connectivity solutions, elegant finishes and sustainable products into a design strategy that creates the relaxing feel every guest wants.

Lobby and Reception

Welcome guests with products and design that will define your brand. This is the first impression and area where patrons will meet, socialize and relax. The modern lobby has become a multifunctional space that demands style and versatility.

  • Products
  • Seating
  • Tables & Desks
  • Storage
  • Accessories
  • Architectural & Acoustic

Dining and Lounge

Embracing the function of a dining and lounge space can elevate the experience. Finish these environments with sustainable materials and attention to detail. A thoughtful space plan that is complimented with stylized comfort will leave a lasting impression.