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Re-Imagining Senior Care Living

Senior Care Living Facilities are undergoing dramatic changes and Beaux-Arts Group is on the forefront of re-imagining interior solutions to meet these ever changing needs.

Today, furniture and adaptive space design for senior living must not only support the aging process with functional solutions for healthcare providers, but also provide a comfortable environment for the more active and tech savvy senior.

At Beaux-Arts Group our experienced staff of licensed AIA and IIDA professionals and in-depth product knowledge allows us to develop and implement highly efficient, evidence based design solutions for the fast growing Senior Care Living space.

Consider Beaux-Arts Group an extension of your development and design team. It is our goal to bridge the vendor gap and become a partner in creating environments that always exceed expectations.

Planning For All Phases of Care Adaptive Solutions

As the population ages and seniors live longer and more active lives, the incorporation of innovative solutions and accommodations for healthcare providers becomes increasingly important. Our dedicated 2,000 sq. ft. healthcare showroom provides clients the unique opportunity to visualize a variety of adaptive options.

We know that it takes quality products, durable materials and inspired technology to improve amenities and expand long-term care capabilities for all facilities. This uniquely qualifies Beaux-Arts Group as the partner of choice to bring the right product, dignified designs, and detailed service to any Senior Care Facility project.

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Senior Care Living
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Senior Care Living
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Integrated Modern Conveniences

Designed with Technology in Mind:

  • Built-In Connectivity
  • Adaptive Medical Technology
  • Innovative Furniture Solutions
  • New Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Products

Bridging the gap with technology is as much a topic for our team at Beaux-Arts Group as it is for an IT department. We understand that tech savvy seniors expect facilities to keep up with this fast changing world and facilities are requiring sustainable, energy efficient solutions. From integrated multimedia solutions for special care units to next generation solutions with USB power sources, we have the innovative furnishing solutions for seniors of today and beyond.

Our evidence based contributions to space and furniture design, along with integrated modern conveniences, will enhance the lifestyles of seniors and allow them to live with dignity.