Healthcare solutions that are

Healthcare solutions that are dynamic

Healthy Strategies, Healthy Solutions

Healthcare environments are among the most dynamic spaces that we experience. With each project we take great care to balance the impact of space design and product selection on the key areas of patient satisfaction, caregiver retention and critical care performance.

Improved Design, Increased Profits

Research shows hospitals that provide a superior patient experience report considerably higher NET profits. We’ve proven it time and again. Reach out to schedule a consultation and find out how Beaux-Arts Group can help improve the patient experience and drive revenue growth.

Healthcare Space Profiles

Lobby and Reception

The initial look and feel of a healthcare facility can set the tone for the patient experience. In product and design, the space needs to communicate a warmth to help ease patient anxiety. At the same time, it needs to inspire confidence that this is the right place to get the care they need.

Caregiver Workstations

Caregiver workstations need to be optimized with efficient workflow design and products that help elevate the performance of the physicians, nurses and other providers. Durable furniture and supporting technology solutions help increase efficiency to improve patient care.


Specialized solutions are carefully selected to provide products that can withstand consistent cleaning and sterilizing operations as well as options for adaptability. Ergonomic product selections like adjustable height tables and task seating ensure a healthy and productive workplace for physicians, scientists and technicians.

Admin and Physician Offices

Modern Healthcare administration offices require a combination of open plan design solutions, flexible mixed-use areas and private offices to meet the needs of a diverse workforce. Each facility will require specialized space design and innovative product integration to maintain brand consistency and support the patient’s needs while improving the staff’s performance.