Government space designed to

Government space designed to endure

Comprehensive Designs

National, state and county facilities are the largest employers in many states. We get it. We have extensive experience managing expansive government projects worldwide. We are adept at working with the strict space, design and ergonomic specifications required. In projects of this scope, we strive to create a comprehensive design and product strategy that will allow these facilities to evolve and endure.

Experts in Government Procedures

As a GSA contractor we are confident in our ability to help navigate budget restrictions, ergonomic specifications and procurement compliance requirements. Our product lines meet LEED® requirements. Our philosophy is to always put the “end user” at the center of the design decision to maximize ergonomics.

Common Government Space Profiles

Open Plan

Efficient space planning and enhanced collaboration capabilities make open plan layouts essential for many government office environments. Collaborative space design strategies help support cross functional communication and elevate team dynamics.

Private Offices

Aesthetics and flexible private office solutions maintain inviting workspaces with mix use options. New soundproof glass options provide an open aesthetic with privacy and integrated technology solutions improve connectivity.


Specialized ergonomic seating solutions provide durability and comfort. We have a holistic approach to matching the right seating product to the environment, functional and cognitive ergonomics and the design standards to maintain aesthetics.

Lobby and Reception

The initial look and feel of a facility can set the tone for the facility and guest’s experience. These areas need to highlight the organization’s mission and can enhance the feel of the building. Build the confidence of staff and visitors with the first area they experience.