Why Should Your Office Be More Like a Coworking Space?

Coworking is certainly a trend in office space – which makes sense given how many of us are now working remotely or in contract relationships. Many enterprises now give their staff access to coworking firms. According to Deskmag, the total worldwide population working in coworking facilities in 2017 will exceed 1 million people – an astronomical expansion. Fast growth is also reflected in the number of coworking facilities worldwide, which has risen more than 1000% since 2012.

So the answer to the question of why your office should be more like a coworking space is that this innovative model is increasingly used in business, so it would only be reasonable to attempt to emulate its most attractive features.

How can your business be more like a coworking space?

What can we learn from coworking? How you can take some of the characteristics of coworking and use them to improve your space? Here are three ideas by Elizabeth Dukes, EVP and chief marketing officer of facilities management software firm iOffice, in Inc.:

#1. Open office design – The strict demarcation of cubicles is replaced in a coworking setting with a more open model that allows for easier collaboration and meeting. A 2015 article from the Harvard Business Review points to one reason that a more open and collaborative environment can improve your business culture. The article notes that part of the sense of "meaning" that people get out of a coworking atmosphere is that helping one another is considered commonplace, with so many different skill-sets present. Like a coworking facility, applying the same open floor model and integrating your workforce will give people more chances to interact more widely and better understand the business.

#2. Adaptive work hours – To leverage the full mystique of the coworking space, you want to think in terms of flexibility, both related to work schedule and locations. It would be reasonable to assume that flexibility is especially important if you want to attract younger employees. However, a study from FlexJobs revealed that this concern is cross-generational. Vast majorities of three different age groups all say that flexibility is a factor for their choice of employer: 82% of millennials; 81% percent of Generation X; and 79% of Baby Boomers.

#3. Collaborative technology – You want to have all the tools you can possibly have available at your disposal, such as live chat and video conferencing, in order to get traditional and virtual employees working seamlessly.


Are you rethinking your office space? Getting the environment you want is about integrating various key characteristics, such as those that define coworking. At Beaux-Arts Group, our professionals create fluid areas by selecting furnishings best-suited to the workplace needs of today and those of tomorrow. We "understand" space.