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What Millennials Want in the Workplace

Millennials have been pouring into the workforce for the last decade or so, and they’re primed to make up 75 percent of all working Americans by 2025. That makes it increasingly important to understand what motivates Millennials when it comes to workplace culture. Take a look at some of the office features that make a big difference to Millennials.

Flexible Work Arrangements

Millennials don’t want to be locked into an 8-to-5 routine that forces them to put their personal lives on hold during the work week. While they’re willing to put in the hours when it’s necessary, they’re all too aware that productivity isn’t necessarily tied to hours worked. In addition, the ability to work remotely means Millennials may have to be convinced that coming into the office is worthwhile.

This means companies should go out of their way to make the decor choices that turn the workplace into an appealing place to spend the day. When the office environment is positive, friendly, and welcoming, when it feels like home, Millennials want to be part of it.

A Social Workplace

Because they spend so much of their lives at work, Millennials value their social lives, and they don’t mind when that crosses over into work. Office features that allow socializing within the workplace thus become a big draw.

Incorporate booths, high top tables, and even outdoor meeting places into your office to encourage socialization and make your workplace attractive to Millennials. Comfortably furnished lounges that include kitchens and bars can also facilitate the face-to-face conversation that this generation craves after spending so much time behind a screen.


Perhaps because they’ve spent so much time looking at solitary screens in their lives, Millennials value collaborative opportunities at work. Video conferencing and other smart communicative tech facilitate collaboration when employees are working remotely.

In addition, you can define spaces in the workplace that don’t “belong” to any one employee to enhance collaboration. Create meeting nooks out of unused space, set aside larger, well-equipped rooms as team rooms, or establish team-based workstations to turn a traditional workspace into one that cherishes its team players and encourages great collaborative work.


Everyone likes to be appreciated, but Millennials often want to see that expressed in tangible ways. Not every office needs a dedicated game room, but pay attention to little details like the design of employee lounges — for instance, can you clear enough floor space to hold weekly yoga classes? Healthy snacks, cold-brew coffee, and a comfortable space in which to enjoy them can keep a Millennial workforce happy.

If you’re rethinking your office design to appeal to the Millennial workforce coming in to your company, contact us at Beaux-Arts Group to see what innovative ideas we can serve up. We’re dedicated to solving complex workspace problems in all sorts of environments.