Top Furniture Trends of 2019

As workspaces evolve, companies are moving away from the traditional cubicle-filled office for more flexible and practical layouts. Along with this move, furniture choices are changing as well. At Beaux-Arts Group, we have seen trends come and go, as aesthetics, company and employee needs, and new business models have transformed the landscape of the modern office over the last 30 years.

Now looking into the second half of 2019, here are 4 prominent trends in commercial furniture designs that have reigned this year, as curated by the Beaux-Arts Group:

Trend #1: Shared Furniture

Open offices and coworking spaces are gaining in popularity. In these flexible, community-driven spaces, companies and professionals share work areas, desks, and resources. For this reason, manufacturers are designing furniture with collaboration in mind.

Shared and open-plan desks are modern furniture pieces that you can configure in a variety of sizes and shapes to accommodate multiple work stations. They’re often modular, with space-saving storage, power sources, and seating options to suit many needs. Meeting areas in these shared spaces could feature semiprivate pods or enclaves.

Trend #2: Smart, Connected Furniture

Today, everything from your home utilities to your car’s entertainment system has smart capabilities. The same goes for your office furniture, too. Manufacturers are integrating smart technology into desks and meeting rooms to generate data, gain energy savings, and help employees be more comfortable and productive.

Bluetooth-enabled smart desks, for example, can move up and down to your desired height throughout the workday. Other smart furniture pieces adjust the lighting, temperature, and humidity levels around your desk for comfort or visibility. You can also find furniture with software systems that measure how many hours per day employees sit, stand, or move around. On the whole, expect to see more electronic products — from touch screens to augmented reality — integrated into commercial furniture in Tampa, Florida, for example.

Trend #3: Sit-Stand Ergonomic Desks

Researchers have discovered that sitting at a desk for more than eight hours a day can have detrimental effects on your health. Desks that transition from sitting to standing to counter these effects have been in use for years, but we expect to see them in greater numbers and with sleeker and easier-to-use designs. Modern adjustable desks come with features such as dual monitor designs, wire organizers, and memory capabilities that adjust to your preferred height.

Trend #4: Comfort-Focused Pieces

You may likely see more emphasis placed on comfort over aesthetics in the workplace. If your employees are more productive working from a beanbag, hammock, or comfy lounge system than in a creaky office chair, then why not add these forms of seating to the workplace? Booths are showing up in shared office spaces and meeting rooms.

This year’s office furniture trends are following those of the rest of the workplace: Their focus is on health, comfort, and collaboration. Contact Beaux-Arts Group to outfit your office with the most innovative commercial furniture in Tampa, Orlando, Fort Myers, and beyond.