The Power of Design: Commercial Interiors and Your Brand

Commercial furniture isn’t designed for aesthetics only – effectively furnishing a workspace can drastically improve productivity, employee satisfaction, and drive company success. After more than 30 years of experience helping businesses transform their workspaces, we have learned to identify the specific needs of every client and help them accomplish their goals through thoughtful design. We evaluate the goals of your organization, space, functionality, and company culture when designing a workplace so that it ultimately projects and enhances the brand.

The Brand Experience

The office is a perfect opportunity to provide both visitors, clients, and employees with an immersive brand experience. Rather than just observing your logo on a sign, or color scheme painted on the walls, they can quite literally live and breathe the brand.

Lighting, functionality, color scheme, and layout are all things that determine the environment and elements of your company’s philosophy. Consider what’s important for your workflow and processes. If you require an open concept office that promotes collaboration, we establish a design to incorporate hot desks, comfortable lounge seating, or other furnishings that enhance creativity. If your company requires privacy, consider using glass partitions to create private, soundproof workstations, think tanks, or conference rooms. Collectively, the experience you create in the office speaks volumes for your brand, whether it be for a prospective client, visitor, or employee.

The Employee Experience

Take care of your employees, and they’ll take care of your business. A well-designed workspace can inspire workers to improve their performance and accomplish the goals of their company. With this kind of mindset flowing through the office, the benefits are clear. According to a study by IBM, 64% of the best-performing companies are the once that reallocate budgets to prioritize the employee experience. In short, engaged employees means higher profitability.

A great example of this kind of environment is the Google Headquarters, whose commercial design has become a hot topic among Millennials. In their office, they added several colorful and stimulating features that go hand-in-hand with their brand positioning as being innovative and different. This unique take on the workplace also served to attract the most talented individuals in the field and became known as one of the best companies in the world to work for.

“As designers were finding out, it’s, well okay, I found the job but I’d never work in that place, so I’m going to take the other job even though they might have offered me more money. That’s where all the Googles and the Facebooks of the world, their architecture came from. That’s the passion that goes with that, is trying to find out how a company or a healthcare organization or a place like MacDill Air Force Base , or a company or an educational facility, what is it that is their culture that we can help that culture permeate throughout the design of the building, the design of the space and the furniture? Because the furniture is what you first see and the last thing you see when you leave. It controls the environment much more than the outside of the building.”

-Bill Everett, Architect, Principal at Beaux-Arts Group

At Beaux-Arts Group, we can help you create a space that truly represents your brand and inspires both you and your employees. Contact us today to learn how we can provide you with your perfect office design solution.