The Influence of Your Office Space on Employee Productivity

Your employees’ workplace should be somewhere they want to go rather than a place they have to go. Recent research in the UK links employee satisfaction to an increase in performance and productivity at work. Changes to the physical workspace can have a huge impact on employee satisfaction, thus increasing their performance and productivity.

Protect Some Places for Privacy

Many offices are moving to a more open concept by removing individual offices and replacing them with communal or open workspaces. While that can lead to some collaboration, it’s important to remember not everyone works well in busy and more noisy environments. Keep some private spaces available where people can go for a private phone call or a small meeting. These spaces can also work for those times when someone needs complete quiet to focus on a task. Be conscious of noise in open areas. Plants or other noise diffusing items can help.

Have Spaces to Relax and Gather Informally

Employees need places where they can go to get away and relax. A comfortable kitchen or lunchroom area where people can go to eat can help them relieve some stress. A game room or a gym can also serve as a place where employees can go to relax and recharge.

Let There Be Light

Lighting is important in an office space. Windows allowing people to see outside are a good way to help people connect to nature. If you don’t have windows, it’s important to choose the right light bulbs for the space. Research has shown office lighting can impact employee performance and wellbeing. Warmer light is best for relaxation in places like break rooms. Cooler light is good for improving alertness and reducing fatigue so it’s good for general rooms. Middle temperature light is good for conference rooms since it still promotes alertness and is welcoming. Short answer, the cooler and bluer the light, your workers will have less eye strain and feel more alert. Varying the lighting throughout the different spaces in the office can be the best for increasing productivity. Warmer light for areas where you want people to feel calm and relaxed, cooler light for general work areas.

Reduce Clutter and Increase Cleanliness

Clutter can cause stress for many people. It can also be sending an unwanted sign of unprofessionalism. Get rid of old office furniture and other things that might be just taking up space. Hide cables and wires as best you can. It not only looks better, but it could also help decrease power and reduce cooling costs by reducing individual workstations. The office workspace is an evolving thing. It isn’t an update and forget it place. Watch how your employees work and adapt to changes in the office area. Do they like it? What do they hate? See how they work and make changes accordingly. The professionals at Beaux-Arts Group can help you design the space that works best for your employees. Get in touch with us today!