The Future of Workspaces

Over time, workspaces have evolved as society’s relationship with work and productivity has changed. From sterile rooms filled with individual cubicles and harsh lighting to collaborative spaces that encourage co-working and promote workplace health. As we look into the future, these trends will only continue. Here are our predictions for workspaces in 2029.

A Push for Healthy Work Environments

Managers will continue to advocate for employee well-being, making enhancements ranging from better air quality to improved posture. You might see more standing or even treadmill desks to reduce the risks of being sedentary. Workplace environments might evolve to include more enhanced break rooms and additional features such as meditation and workout rooms to boost morale and reduce employee burnout.

Teamwork: Collaborative Spaces

To improve creativity and productivity in the workplace, co-working spaces inside and out will become the norm. The workspace design may evolve to embrace community, teamwork and collaboration without designated seating for each employee. This should help encourage better communication, teamwork, and overall employee experience. With the concurrent rise in freelance and remote work, having an inspirational, collaborative space for employees to come to, even if only periodically, will allow them to get their fix of human interaction.


Sustainability is here to stay. Companies will continue to roll out workplace design solutions that are eco-friendly and green. Not only will younger employees place more importance on protecting the environment, but some state and city regulations will even require it. What does this mean for your office? You’ll look for furniture made from recycled materials, paperless solutions, energy-efficient buildings and equipment, increased avenues for recycling, and more.

Office landscaping will add another dimension of green. Live plants are calming, have air-cleaning properties, and boost productivity. Some workspaces might look more like parks than places of employment.

Transformed Decor

Businesses will reverse the perception of traditional desks and chairs, conference room tables, and break rooms. You’ll see unique spaces and conversational furniture. Desks will be movable or reconfigurable. Whether the workplace looks more like a playroom than an office or resembles something from a space station, it’s certainly not going to be confined to the original principles of design that initially defined workplace design.

Ten years from now, expect to see unique workspaces that focus more on the productivity and well-being of the people within, as well as the environment outside. Let the Beaux-Arts Group help you create innovative office design solutions so you can keep up with (or ahead of) the times.