2019 coworking trends

The Coworking Office Trends for 2019

The top coworking markets in the US (by millions of square feet), together helping to propel general industry growth, are:

  • Manhattan (7.65M)
  • Los Angeles (3.7M)
  • Dallas–Forth Worth (1.57M)
  • Atlanta (1.52M)
  • San Francisco Bay Area (1.49M).

To understand coworking, we can gauge where it is headed according to current trends in office design and other factors.

Niche coworking

Coworking spaces have traditionally brought together people from many different sectors. However, these spaces are starting to differentiate themselves to go after certain industries or careers. Coworking facilities will increasingly be available that are specific to writers, coders, or artists, for example. Women-only spaces are also launching in some cities.

Nature inside

Office design has increasingly brought plants inside. A study from the United Kingdom found that satisfaction, focus, and productivity were all improved through the introduction of plants – the last by 15%. Many scientists believe people have an innate biophilia that inclines us to want to be around plants. Beyond plants, flowers, and stones, coworking spaces are being built that include green walls, waterfalls, and even artificial beaches.

Office design

The design of a coworking space is fundamental to its personality. While the office design applied to space has been key to these organizations from the start, it is becoming more sophisticated all the time. A concern with wellness is increasingly driving design decisions since everyone in a coworking space wants access to sunlight and good air flow. People are increasingly looking for buildings that meet certain standards, such as WELL Certification.

Out-of-the-box services

In recent years, corporations have built additional services into their workplaces, impacting the overall office design. Babysitting and pet-friendly areas are becoming common now in coworking spaces as well. These facilities have also started giving any startup tenants access to accounting and bank loans.


Incredibly, the 5th leading cause of death in the United States is the workplace. Combatting negative health implications associated with work environments is a key concern of coworking. The top cause of disability and health problems worldwide is depression, per the World Economic Forum. The introduction of nature (see above) and other office design decisions can help. Even hanging pictures of natural scenes has been shown to improve calm.  Coworking conference series GCUC launched a program called CheckYoMate to raise awareness of mental health issues within coworking.

Designing your coworking space

Are you building a coworking space? To attract clients, your office design will need to meet immediate and ongoing needs related to core functions and to wellness. At Beaux-Arts Group, our integrated approach to furnishings creates a productive synergy between the building and the areas within. Contact us today to learn more.