The Benefits of Having a Breakroom in the Office

An office is meant for work, but places for employees to take a break and relax are just as important as workspaces.

People can’t focus on a task for an indefinite amount of time. Our brains need a way to recharge. Breakrooms can be a place where employees can take a break, chat with others, and have some downtime.

Why A Breakroom

Having a place for employees to get away from their work tasks can decrease stress levels and increase productivity. People need some time away from their workspace to relax and reboot, especially when doing complex or repetitive tasks. Working for too long without a break can lead to burnout and create tension in the workplace.

Breakrooms also give people a chance to socialize and talk about something other than work. Knowing about coworkers’ lives outside of the office can help people feel more relaxed around each other, creating a sense of community.

Having a place to talk, laugh, and relax can get creative and productive juices flowing again. It can foster relationships between people who might not otherwise interact because of organizational hierarchy. Encourage managers and leaders to eat their lunches and relax in the breakroom.

Creating a Breakroom

Breakrooms should be relaxing and welcoming, not stuffy and depressing. The goal is to create a social space that encourages interaction and decompression. It should have the necessities like a place to store and heat up food.

Keep it comfortable. You want your employees to want to go there. Chairs and tables where people can eat lunch or grab a snack are good. So are chairs where people can just go to relax. Some companies even have massage chairs.

Encourage some recreation. Some office breakrooms have ping pong or foosball tables. If this isn’t your company culture, some simple table games can provide some distraction. So can current magazines or a television.

Use your breakroom to promote wellness. Healthy snacks can show you care about the wellbeing of your employees. Providing any kind of free snacks and beverages can make employees feel valued. Healthy and fresh snacks can encourage other healthy choices which could lead to lower insurance costs. Your breakroom can promote your brand. Paint the walls company colors and have cheery artwork and accents.

Maintaining the Breakroom

Keeping the breakroom stocked with kitchen supplies, snacks, and entertainment is a key to a happy workplace. Providing coffee, water, and healthy snacks can go a long way in maintaining and improving employee morale.

Make sure someone is responsible for keeping the place clean. Establish a cleaning routine. It’s not inviting when dirty dishes are in the sink and there are spills in the microwave.

Before creating a new breakroom space, ask employees what they want. If you build a place people will want to use, you will see more benefits.

The professionals at Beaux-Arts Group can help you create the perfect breakroom for your business. They know how to promote creativity and productivity within any budget. Contact us today.