Standing Desks, the Trend that Keeps on Trending

You may like the idea of getting to work and relaxing in your comfortable desk chair. However, standing desks have numerous health benefits. Let’s look at why this newly popular furniture model is broadly important, and then take a closer look at one piece we specifically recommend, the InMovement Standing Desk (a.k.a. the Elevate DeskTop DT2).

The health benefits of standing desks

Standing desks are often mentioned in articles about workplace health. Why? Sitting increases the amount of pressure on your spinal discs 40-90% over standing, according to Professor Alan Hedge of Cornell University. However, back pain isn’t the only reason to stand up for your health. Here are four other health reasons for standing:

  1. Goodbye, obesity
  2. Mayo Clinic endocrinologist James Levine led a research team in analyzing office workers who did not get daily exercise. He wanted to find out why some of them were gaining weight and others were staying in shape. To detect any additional movements occurring in the thinner workers, the doctors had sensors stitched into participants’ underwear. This tactic revealed that the fitter patients were standing or walking 2 hours and 15 minutes more each day. Standing desks get you up and moving.

  3. See you, type 2 diabetes
  4. Levine’s study also indicated that blood glucose regulation becomes compromised by excessive sitting – agreeing with 2008 research that the cells of more sedentary people are not as insulin-responsive.

  5. So long, heart disease
  6. Scientists have had evidence for the better part of a decade that sitting contributes to cardiovascular disease. In the 1950s, a study from the U.K. revealed that London bus drivers (prolonged sitting) were more susceptible to heart attacks than bus conductors (primarily standing) were. A desk like the InMovement Standing Desk can turn your “sitting job” into a “standing job.”

  7. Farewell, cancer
  8. Lengthy periods of time spent sitting are highly correlated to various form of cancer as well. Incredibly, 2011 research concluded that as many as 92,000 American cases of breast and colon cancer (combined) can be attributed to sitting every year.

Profile: InMovement Standing Desk

As you can see from the above activities, sitting isn’t as harmless an activity as it may seem – so the case for a standing desk is generally strong. Now let’s take a look at one simple and affordable option, the InMovement Standing Desk. There is one specific model of this desk, the Elevate DeskTop DT2. One reason these desks seem to be so well-liked is that they are shipped completely assembled, with ten height settings so you can easily and quickly fit to employees. You basically just set the InMovement Standing Desk onto an existing desk, hold onto its handles, and shift it into the most suitable height.

Stand up for your health now

Do you want to experience the increased energy and other health benefits delivered by a standing desk? At Beaux-Arts Group, we inspire productivity with beautifully designed desks – including one of our new favorites, the InMovement Standing Desk. To learn more, contact a design specialist.