The goal of many people is to be happy and finding satisfaction at a workplace can go a long way towards that goal. Making sure a physical workspace pays attention to an employee’s psychological needs is important.

What Employees Want

Workers need a physical environment that helps them do well. This space should be a place for people to concentrate, collaborate, and relax.

Flexibility is important. Many companies have several different kinds of workspaces available and employees can choose where they want to work. Employees seem to respond well to having choices. Picking where they work based on what they need to accomplish can lead to happier employees.

Privacy is a key to a satisfying workplace. Everyone needs privacy at some point whether it’s to make a phone call or to concentrate. Having a place people can go for a bit of privacy when they need it is important. Noise and distractions can reduce someone’s ability to focus, thereby reducing productivity. Having places to collaborate and connect with coworkers is also significant and should be part of an overall space plan.

Employees also want a bit of comfort, control, and predictability. Having the right number of seats for everyone can eliminate the uneasiness of not knowing where an employee will work on a given day. The comfort of ergonomic furniture, good lighting, and adequate climate control can make employees feel better.

What Companies Gain

In addition to being more productive, happy employees are more satisfied with their jobs. This can lead to lower employee turnover and an ability to recruit better talent. Having employees who collaborate well can lead to more innovation, helping a company stay competitive. A good office environment can lead some mobile workers back into an office, allowing mentoring as well as collaborating.

How to Change Your Office Environment

Several things can change an office environment and promote the psychological wellbeing of the people who work there. Positive moods lead to higher levels of engagement. Design can help improve moods. Bringing nature into the office in the form of plants and natural light can help increase productivity and reduce stress. Light impacts mood and sleep quality. Greenery can aid in memory retention, creativity, and more. Color can also encourage positive feelings. Blues can be calming, yellows stimulating, reds motivating, and greens soothing.

Activity-based work spaces can help address each employee’s different needs by providing quiet places for people who need to focus, private booths for phone conversations, meeting spaces for collaboration, etc. If people work at more permanent locations like cubicles or enclosed offices, allowing some personalization can make employees happier and more comfortable.

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