Project Spotlight: Berkeley Prep

Ranked the top private school in Tampa, Berkeley Preparatory School holds a prestigious place in the community for almost 60 years. We sat down with Karen Giunta, Workplace Design Consultant at Beaux-Arts Group to get some behind-the-scenes insight into this project. Although Beaux-Arts may be mainly known for its workspaces, we also specialize in education design as a way for an educational facility to shine creatively and make a positive impact on children’s learning experience.

“Creating academic spaces is one of my favorite things, because I feel like I’m making a difference in our future and creating a place that engages and gets them excited,” explains Karen.

Dynamic Learning Spaces

The way we look at office space is changing as cubicle farms are a thing of the past. The same goes for education. The classroom is no longer confined to one small area.

“Just like in work, how we create different types of workspaces, we created a whole outdoor learning studio,” says Karen. “They can have class on their outdoor learning space on the third floor on the balcony. And just creating a fun way for people to learn; it doesn’t all have to just be sitting in three rooms anymore.”

Outdoor learning isn’t just fun – studies find there are academic and behavioral benefits.  A 2017 study in Frontiers in Psychology found that outdoor education led students to be more motivated to learn while keeping stress levels down.

No Detail Left Behind

The large “tree” in the early childhood center is hard to miss. Beaux-Arts Group selected all the furniture that goes around the structure. The focus was on bringing natural wood elements to the design, says Karen.

“It’s all in keeping with that nature feeling,” she said. “It just blends and meshes in the environment that they created with the tree.”

Even the furry friends at the school got a home makeover. A design first for Beaux-Arts: guinea interior. Karen outfitted the kindergarten classroom guinea pig cage, picking out fabrics, a mini hammock and even an eight-foot-long table for the cage.

“Taking the time, the finishing touches, helping, it makes a difference,” says Karen. “And I think that is something unique with our team.”

Explore the space here with a virtual reality tour:

For more information on how to create functional, educational spaces that inspire as well as promote healthy productivity for students and faculty alike, contact the team at Beaux-Arts Group today. We specialize in immersive educational environments that engage students and enhance the learning process.