Predictions: 2020 Office Trends

The conflict between open office space and the need for privacy is one of the main trends in office environments for 2020. Also getting attention is the adaptation of sensor technology within the workplace, as well as a deepening concern for the physical and mental wellness of employees. New office design and furnishing trends reflect these developments. Take a look at what to expect in 2020.

Privacy vs. Openness

The much-touted open office has become the norm in certain industries over the last decade or so, but employees are starting to push for changes in a couple of directions. One trend away from the open office is the establishment of small private spaces, such as private phone booths, in many otherwise open offices. In addition, some open offices are bringing in partitions, screens, and acoustic dampening to provide privacy.

In other workplaces, the effort to balance privacy and openness takes an unexpected turn, with employees giving up their own workstations and becoming completely mobile within the larger office. In this case, offices often establish informal conference rooms and offices that are available to any employee as needed, furnished with comfortable seating that encourages conversation.

In addition, office storage units are becoming more important, including locker walls that allow employees privacy for their things, even if they conduct business in the open.

Sensor Technology

Some employers are already looking at wearable sensor technology to reward employees for taking good care of themselves. This office trend is expected to expand into the office furniture realm in 2020, with sensor tech incorporated into chairs to nudge employees when it’s time for them to get up and move a bit. This sensor technology, which can also be used in computer monitors and mice, also allows stress management.

Office Environments that Support Employee Wellbeing

Some workplaces are focusing on the physical and mental wellness of their workers, with their dedication to employee well-being reflected in design and furnishing choices. Offices may incorporate outdoor areas and walking paths for “walk and talk” conversations, and lighting systems may boost circadian rhythms by duplicating the natural arc of sunlight throughout the day.

Employers can also encourage physical wellness with sit-to-stand desks that allow workers to get out of their chairs on a regular basis, which is proven to boost productivity and help people avoid fatigue. Wellness turns to fitness with innovative desk-cycle chairs or treadmill desks that help employees work their minds and bodies at the same time.

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