Office Design Trends that Millennials Will Love

Millennials are changing the world of business in manifold ways. They have rewritten the playbook for marketing to consumers; reminded us that businesses can grow from almost no upfront capital; convinced us to shop local; further popularized 24/7 customer service; moved us to refashion the 9 to 5 office day; and revolutionized how we shop. Given all these game-changers, it should be no surprise that Generation Y is also prompting broad trends in office design.

Here are 4 workplace design trends that you can embrace to get millennials excited about working in your office:

Accommodating individual work needs

As the millennials rise, so does the cubicle farm fall, right? That is one of the basic precepts that led to the widespread adoption of the open office in Silicon Valley and elsewhere. However, people have different personalities, and their job responsibilities require varying balances of communication and individual focus.

To meet these needs, businesses are now creating diverse work areas. Increasingly, designers are blending “places that offer ‘situational privacy,’ which allow [employees] to focus on their work without distractions, and places that offer maximum openness and collaboration with people, technology, and information,” explains Deanna Arteaga in AccountingWeb.

Incorporating natural design features

The evidence that natural design elements create a more worker-friendly environment has been building in recent years; for instance, the 2014 organizational psychology study Human Spaces found that natural design improved productivity by 8% and self-reported well-being by 13%.

Companies have been paying attention, which is why more offices are taking biophilic design steps such as the inclusion of plants; natural art and photography; views of nature from windows; getaway gardens; natural light; and light-colored rooms.

Out with meeting spaces & in with workshop spaces

Bringing people together into the same area allows you to foster collaboration. Collaboration will be at its best if you have fashioned the walls to best suit group ideation. For this reason, businesses are building in vertical surfaces (foam core boards, tackable walls, white boards, etc.); monitors or projectors with screens; and lounge seating or breakout stools and tables.

Millennial-aware companies often enhance these areas with sunlight and an expansive view. “[I]n a room with no windows,” says Ayse Birsel in Inc., it helps to “put in a library full of books, your symbolic window into the world.”

Ergonomics influencing the choice of furniture

Ergonomic furniture contributes to both health and comfort, reducing instances of carpal tunnel syndrome and back pain. Recognizing the importance of a healthy lifestyle among millennials, more firms are selecting sit-to-stand desks and chairs that can be adjusted for any body type.

Time to get with the trend!

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