Office Design Trends of 2018

Office trends are constantly changing, and this year is no exception. Innovations in design, furniture, and function can change and improve the working environment for everyone, making the office a place people want to go instead of one where they have to go.

Bringing Nature In

Spending lots of time in a place without windows and light isn’t good for us. Florescent lighting, bad ventilation, and lots of noise do not promote a happy work environment. Many companies are using biophilic design concepts and bringing some green to their offices by adding plant walls, stone surfaces, and air purification systems. They’re bringing the outside in.

Natural textures and finishes are unique. They add depth and interest to spaces and spark creativity. Industrial design is also trending now.

Different Workspaces

Companies are realizing one size and type of desk does not work for everyone. There are now adjustable height desks, standing desks, treadmill desks, and more.

The same goes for workspaces. Some offices have quiet areas, meeting spaces, and areas designed for talking and collaborating. These collaborative spaces have technical tools like whiteboards and screens available. It’s called activity-based working – people can choose where and how they work based on what they’re doing and how they work best.

The key to these workspaces is flexibility. On the way out is the concept of space ownership, as in personal office space. Variety is in. It isn’t about open versus a closed office space, but rather functionality for a particular company and its culture. Screens, glass walls, or furniture can divide a space and still give some privacy. It is now as much about how your staff feels as it is about what they accomplish.

Tapping into Technology

Offices have not yet overwhelmingly adopted augmented reality or virtual reality, but technology has found its place in the office space. Work-related apps, wearables, and smart speakers are finding their way into offices.

Places, where staff can have video chats with colleagues or vendors, are also becoming popular.

Chill-Out Spaces

Workplaces are a place to work, but companies are realizing people also need places to take a break and recharge. Social spaces and even comfortable areas to take a quick nap are becoming more and more popular.

Creating a workspace that feels more like home can lead to a more welcoming work environment and make employers seem more trustworthy and increase staff happiness.

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