Navigating a New Normal: Workplaces Post COVID-19

Zoom meetings. Sweatpants. Workflow turned upside down. As many of us have worked remotely for weeks, or even months, we’re all anxious to get back into the human interaction and environment of an office. However, we can agree that COVID-19 has changed the way we view almost every aspect of our life moving forward. How can employers take action to prepare both their office and employees for post-pandemic work?


Prepare the Building

Your employees’ health is only as good as the safety of your building. Some things to consider implementing:

Reconfigure meeting areas.

Adjust high-traffic meeting areas such as lobbies, conference rooms, and break rooms. Move chairs, remove seating, etc. to ensure social distancing measures are followed.

Provide sanitation equipment for consistent sanitation. 

Set out plenty of disinfecting wipes, hand sanitizer, and even masks if available.

Install plexiglass screens.

Protect your employees’ health while maintaining the look of a modern, open office. 


Create An Action Plan

Careful preparation will make for a less-stressful migration back to the office. Some ideas include:

Rotate WFH and in-office employees to minimize risk.

Consider creating an A/B team to switch off and allow less people in the office at any given time.

Disseminate social distancing protocols.

Make sure your team is all on the same page.

Create signage for foot traffic.

Strategize walking patterns for employees to follow to comply with social distancing. 


Prepare Your Team

Extra communication to your team is essential at this time full of changes:

Establish two-way communication.

A trusting, transparent culture allows employees to ask questions and feel more secure.

Communicate clear employee expectations. 

This time feels uncertain, be sure to set clear policies for travel, visitors, work-from-home, etc.

Reinforce hand washing, social distancing, and staying home when not feeling well. 

It may feel obvious, but don’t leave anything unsaid!


Know You Are Not Alone

We are feeling the ripple effects of COVID-19. You can either let it take you down, or emerge as a company stronger than ever. But, know that you can find support to help you navigate this strange time. The team at Beaux-Arts Group has worked in this space for over 30 years, and can help you tackle the unique office design challenges you may face. Contact us for a consultation.