Monitor Arms Are One Piece of the Ergonomic Puzzle

Workplace musculoskeletal disorders are on the rise in the United States, and ergonomics is the best defense. When Jeff Atwood was advised to try out monitoring arms, he was shocked by the numerous benefits.

Ergonomics for MSD prevention

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), musculoskeletal disorders (MSD’s) are a primary reason for lost work hours. Many people are vulnerable to the potential of MSD’s on the job.

Figures from the Bureau of Labor Statistics revealed that people in heavy labor are particularly susceptible to these health issues, as are those in retail, transportation, and healthcare. In 2011, 388,000 workers were diagnosed with MSD’s, representing 1 out of every 3 work-related health problems.

Ergonomics, says OSHA, is the best approach to solve this problem. Computer accessories such as monitor arms can help with office MSD prevention.

One man’s ergonomic story

Along with the type of jobs listed above, another field in which workspace setup is frequently discussed is information technology. One of the most respected names in IT is Stack Exchange cofounder Jeff Atwood.

“If you value your physical health, this is not an area you want to economize on,” argued Atwood in his Coding Horror blog. “Hopefully you've invested in a decent computer desk and chair that provide the required adjustability to achieve an ergonomically correct computer workstation.”

Although Atwood initially recognized the importance of a high-quality desk and chair, correctly positioned and outfitted with an ergonomic keyboard and mouse, he hadn’t considered monitoring arms. When a reader saw his article on workstation alignment and suggested trying out the accessories, he was surprised to realize that they had benefits beyond making it simpler to maintain an ergonomic position:

• improved the visual appearance of his desk by raising the monitors

• cleared off the top of his desk for other purposes

• enabled him to move the mounted monitors around whenever desired

“Now that I've used these arms for a few days, I like them so much I'm considering buying a set for myself to use at home,” said Atwood. “I think the payoff – in terms of flexibility, looks, and convenience – is well worth it.”

Atwood‘s space-saving comment (2nd bullet above) is especially notable in an office setting, where immediate access to more items can increase productivity.

Your ergonomic design strategy

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