Making Your Office More Like Home

We spend many hours at our workplaces, sometimes more than we spend awake at home. A dull and boring office can reduce productivity. Making the office feel a bit more like home can almost make you want to spend time there.

Let There be Good Light

Fluorescent lights can create a harsh environment and can even cause headaches and other problems for some people. Adding lamps or lights with warmer, adjustable color temperatures can make a workplace feel more comfortable.

If natural light from windows or skylights is available, that’s even better.

Going for the Green

Not only do plants help refresh the air in your workspace, but they can also make an office feel a bit homier. Multiple studies have shown plants can reduce anxiety, tension, and anger.

Make sure you pick low-maintenance plants that can survive when you’re not there to provide TLC.

Large plants in corners or common workspaces can make a room feel more relaxing.

Add Some Color and Personal Touches

Plain walls are boring. Liven things up with a bit of color. If you can’t paint the walls, some colorful art or objects can bring life into a cubicle or office. Whether it’s relaxing or stimulating for you, looking at color it will break up the monotony of your days. It also adds some fun and personality to a workspace.

Personal touches can also help you relax in your workspace and can even make you smile during a rough spell. Looking at a photo of your smiling family after a challenging meeting can make everything seem OK.

Keeping pens and other office supplies in a favorite mug can also make a place seem more like home.

Make the Space Comfortable

Office chairs with proper support and comfort are very important to a home-like workplace. Desks at the right height and computers with ergonomic setups can make working more comfortable.

A few plush chairs or a sofa can provide a good meeting or break space. Don’t neglect the kitchen or break areas. Equipping them like home and making them retreats can help these spaces feel like home. Also, pay attention to bathroom spaces and make them look and smell less institutional if you can.

When you’re looking for the proper furnishings, make sure to consider the wear and tear they will go through. Office furniture is often built differently than residential items, so it is more durable. The experts at Beaux-Arts Group can help you find the right furnishings for your space. Contact us for a consultation today.