Industries That Demand a Unique Office Layout

Just as people are unique, the office space where those individuals work also needs to be different. There is not one perfect office space design that fits everyone’s needs. It depends on the industry and job descriptions.

Solitary or Collaborative Space

One of the first things you need to decide is whether you need more private or public workspace.

For a while, office space designers were creating lots of spaces where people could work together and collaborate. Now some companies are realizing some people need more private areas to concentrate. It’s important to know what your employees need.

If your company often requires people to work together on projects, you might need to emphasize this type of design in your office plan. Industries like marketing, advertising, and entertainment often rely on people bouncing ideas and concepts off of each other.

Law firms, accounting practices, and technical organizations may have a need for more spaces for people to work alone without distractions or interruptions. Call centers and other similar companies might need to design their workspace with noise control as their priority. Hearing other calls while trying to talk to a company representative can lead to negative results for the organization. Sound absorbing materials can help reduce noise in any office environment.

Retail Space

Some companies need a combination of both office and retail space. Both areas have different needs. The retail area needs to be accessible and inviting to the public while the office space can be more relaxed and private.

The office areas need to be removed from the retail areas, but close enough for employees to go between the two areas if necessary. Security can also be a concern. Companies don’t want customers accidentally wandering back into private spaces.

Sometimes designers can seamlessly combine the two types of workspaces to meet differing needs.

Industrial Spaces

Some organizations need to have office areas near assembly lines or other industrial types of areas. Often, these areas can be noisy or have other issues such as smell or temperature. Government entities often regulate industrial types of spaces to make sure employees are safe. Designers must take these needs into account when creating workspaces.

Supervisors also need to be close to the employees they monitor but often need areas for difficult conversations or other managerial tasks. Creating places for privacy is important.

Many companies are going for an industrial look for their offices even if they are not in an industrial line of work. Trends include high ceilings, use of materials like bricks and metal, and exposed rafters, ducts, and pipes.

No matter what type of office design you’re looking for, the professionals at Beaux-Arts Group can help. We have the experience to know what works and what doesn’t as well as the creativity to help you find the perfect working environment for your employees. Contact us today.