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How to Make the Office More Inviting

When you walk into your workplace, do you associate it with inspiration and productivity – or monotony and hard work? If your answer is the latter, it’s time to refresh the office to make it inviting, inspiring, and motivating for anyone who shares that space with you. While an office was once regarded purely as a physical space, workers and employers have long felt the intangible connection between the space itself and the company’s culture and ultimately – identity. The workplace designers at Beaux-Arts Group have handpicked four simple methods to easily breathe new life into any working office space.

Refresh the Furniture

Furniture rearrangements and replacements can give workspace environments an entirely new look and feel. Replace outdated and worn pieces with ones that are modern, comfortable, and pleasing to the eye. Choose functional furniture that draws people in and promotes co-working and collaboration. Organize your office furniture and consider how the space is used to create an efficient flow.

Add Wall Embellishments

Inject energy and personality into your workplace or conference room by transforming stark walls into inspiring images or attractive colors. Accent walls in colors that reflect your brand and complement your office furniture and workspace design can add warmth and dimension to a space. Give energy to what was previously a bleak and boring wall. Boost employee experience and productivity in the workplace with intellectual colors such as blue or harmonious shades such as green.

Replace Lighting

Harsh or dim lighting can hurt productivity. It’s not only bad for workplace health but can also affect your mood. Make your office calm and inspiring by replacing outdated fixtures and bulbs in workspaces, break rooms, and common spaces with ones that are warm and creative. Reconfigure the office to maximize natural lighting and take steps to reduce glare. An indirect effect of your lighting upgrades is that it might help you save on energy costs.


If your office space or common room is cluttered and impractical, you might simply need to reorganize. A clean, organized workspace helps improve comfort and productivity. Shift furniture around so it makes better use of a room’s space. Add modern shelving and storage pieces that make items less distracting and easier to find. When you walk into a sleek and synergistic office, you’re less likely to feel like you have a mountain of tasks waiting for you.

If your office needs an upgrade, we can help you create an organized and inviting space that inspires and in which you’re excited to work. Contact the Beaux-Arts Group to learn how we can provide you with your perfect office design solution.