How to Improve Your Company Culture

Kim recently graduated from college. She has a lot of energy and drive, and she is hungry for an opportunity. She lands a job at a growing software company that has a fair salary, great benefits, and a strong chance for advancement. However, there's one problem: she doesn't like the culture at her office. Over the next few months, she feels increasingly unsure about her decision to take that job. Finally, she puts in her two-week notice; so her hire was effectively a bust for the company. Does this story sound familiar? It does to 19% of executives, who say that they've seen new hires quit because they feel out of sync with the company's culture.

In fact, company culture isn’t just about keeping employees at your company; it’s also about supporting what they want from their work climate so that they can feel more connected and naturally effective. An overwhelming majority of entrepreneurs, 93%, recently told the Alternative Board (TAB) that they thought a better company culture translated to a more creative and productive staff.

What can you do about that issue at your company? How can you improve your company culture for gains in employee loyalty, retention, and productivity? Here are 3 simple and powerful steps:

1. Focus on flexibility.

Among respondents to the TAB poll, those who rated their company’s culture as “strong“ also tended to offer telecommuting, a compressed workweek, and flextime – in other words, flexibility in how work is scheduled and where it’s performed. In some cases, these forms of flexibility simply don’t make sense; if so, TAB chief marketing office Jodie Shaw suggests putting your effort into helping your staff maintain a healthy work-life balance.

2. Develop your employees.

A company with great culture will be invested in the development of its employees, communicating that the organization values them as a dynamic and growing partner. Development can include post-secondary funding (such as a master’s degree program) and >a href="">classes presented internally and externally, potentially bringing in an outside speaker or expert.

3. Work on your core values.

Set up a meeting with top players at your firm to brainstorm your core values. It may sound fluffy or pointless, but those values are essential. Plus, it isn’t enough to simply write them down. They must be reinforced.

To keep your values top-of-mind among your staff, try these techniques:

  • Start a continuing series of weekly emails that each center on one of the core values.
  • Create a sign or plaque containing the values to put on everyone’s desk.
  • Spotlight a staff member who is embodying one of the values at every meeting.

Are you concerned about making your company culture stronger than it is now?

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