How to Eat Healthy at Work

We’re busy people, and we need to make the most of our time, especially at work. Eating healthy doesn’t have to take a back seat. Bodies need fuel to help with concentration and performance.

Begin with Breakfast

Don’t skip a morning meal before going into the office. If you don’t have time to eat before you go, grab a Greek yogurt and take it with you to the office. Healthy smoothies are also good choices and so are hard-boiled eggs.

Keep Snacks at Your Desk

To prevent unhealthy trips to the vending machine, keep healthy snacks at your desk. Things like dried fruit, jerky, nuts, snack bars, and applesauce don’t need refrigeration. If you bring your lunch, pack a snack or two, maybe a piece of fruit or yogurt. Make sure to throw away the junk snacks you have stashed in your desk. If candy, chips, and crackers aren’t there, they can’t tempt you. Plan your snacks so you have something ready when you get hungry.

Drink Water

Drinking water can help you if you’re hungry. Sometimes you’re not really hungry, just thirsty. Drinking a glass of water can help reduce food cravings. Carbonated water can help eliminate soda cravings.

Bring Your Lunch

When making dinner the night before, prepare an extra portion for lunch the next day. Plan ahead when it comes to your meals for the week and allow for extra portions to take to work. You’ll save money as well as calories. If you need to eat out, find healthy options. If you’re pressed for time, suggest a lunch meeting instead of getting together in the conference room. You’ll get out of the office, have your meeting, and eat a healthy meal.

Respect Meal Time

When you’re slammed with work, it’s tempting to eat at your desk. Try to block off at least a half-hour to leave your desk and eat a meal. It will help you feel refreshed and get you ready for the afternoon. If you’re looking for a way to promote healthy eating at your office, the professionals at Beaux-Arts group can help you design and space that’s good for lunches or any other gathering. Contact us today.