Sitting All Day Long Can Impact Overall Health and Wellbeing

Sitting down and taking a break can feel good, and is important. However, sitting for long periods of time can negatively impact your health.

Why Sitting All Day At Your Desk Job is Not Healthy

The average American sits for six to eight hours a day and some studies have shown that can cause many problems including increased risk of diabetes, cardiovascular disease, obesity, and other health issues. Sitting can also increase the risk for some kinds of cancer, especially breast cancer in women.

Your metabolism may also suffer from sitting too long, and so can your back and stomach muscles.

Sitting and other sedentary activities can also impact your mental health by increasing anxiety.

A workout after the workday won’t fix everything. Getting up and moving periodically throughout the day may be the only way to counter the bad effects.

Sit Less, Move More

The only way to counteract the negative effects of sitting to much is to get up and move more.

About every twenty minutes, get up and take a two-minute walk. Instead of having a meeting in a conference room, have a walking meeting instead. Touch your toes and stretch your hip flexors. Try setting alarms on your calendar to remind you to get up and move a bit. Fitness trackers can also help because they alert you when you’ve been inactive for too long.

During a phone conversation, stand up and walk around your office. Do the same during commercials if you’re watching television.

Getting up and walking around can also improve your mood since physical exercise can decrease symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Change Your Desk and Chair

Think about getting a standing desk or one you can raise or lower as you want to. A treadmill desk might work for you, as well. Standing up is much better than sitting but watch your posture. If you’re standing up and working, make sure you’re not hunching over.

Sit on something wobbly like an exercise ball or a backless chair. This will help your core muscles because they will work harder to keep you upright. When not using a wobbly object, make sure your regular office chair has proper support so you’re not hunching over, which is bad for your back.

Remember, it isn’t just sitting at a desk that can cause problems. If you drive for long periods of time, there are similar health impacts as sitting at a desk. The same goes for sitting on the sofa for long period of time watching TV or playing video games.

If you want help designing an office space that can help your employees stay active throughout the day, contact the professionals at Beaux-Arts Group for a consultation. We have many options to help you.