Helping Employees Get Rid of Work-Related Stress

Work and stress often go hand in hand. There is no way to remove all stress from the workplace, but there are some things that can help to reduce it.

Start from the Top

Chances are, you’ve heard the supposed mantra for career success is to arrive before the boss and leave after the boss. If that’s the case, check your behavior since your employees tend to model their behavior after their bosses. If you answer emails at all times of day, your employees will think that is what is expected of them. If you always eat lunch at your desk or don’t eat at all, employees might do the same.

Encourage Breaks and Balance

People are most productive if they work for about 90 minutes and then take a break. Encourage your employees to take breaks in the form of taking a walk, grabbing a snack, chatting with coworkers, or just stepping away from their desk for a few minutes to relax.

Many people need time between projects to refocus and get ready for a new task. On a related note, allow employees to focus on one task at a time. Multitasking usually means one task is not getting the full attention it needs and everything suffers.

Control work that happens off hours. Employees are more likely to burn out if you expect them to reply to an email or text when they’re at home or on a weekend. The always-on environment isn’t healthy and can make people unhappy. Employees need time to disconnect, so set some boundaries and abide by them. If you set the policy of no email responses are necessary after 8pm on weekdays or anytime on weekends, follow the policy and don’t send them.

If possible, allow some flexibility in work schedules. The adage of leaving a personal life at home just isn’t practical so everyone has things to take care of once in a while. Allowing some flexibility with arrival and departure times as well as breaks can make all the difference in an employee’s stress level.

Listen and Connect

Often, an employee just wants to know someone is listening to them. They want to share concerns or ideas. Follow through on the open-door policy and allow your employees to come to you.

Encourage communication by allowing employees to bond with each other. Building a team environment will show people they can rely on each other and on you.

Pay Attention to the Work Environment

You might not be able to update a building or change the layout, but there are things you can do to improve it. Hang some art on the walls, get a plant, or add a comfortable retreat space for employees who need a break.

A happier workforce is a more productive workforce. If employees are satisfied, they are more likely to stay at their jobs.

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