Beaux-Arts Group Website Spotlight

Have you visited the new Beaux-Arts Group website?

Born of architecture, schooled in design, steeped in product history, and specializing in service – these are the four tenets that drive us at Beaux-Arts Group to deliver an unmatched experience in the world of workplace design.

For this reason, Beaux-Arts Group is proud to share our newly redesigned, state-of-the-art website. Optimized for speed and ease of use, potential and current customers can easily navigate the webpages to learn about our services and offerings, contact us for support, or see past work.

The website also is a Gold Winner of the 2019 Hermes Creative Awards, an international competition celebrating the most innovative electronic media and communications. The Beaux-Arts Group website was recognized for its excellence in serving business to business clients in the category of interactive media and website design overall.

“We care about our customers and wanted to give them an uncluttered, improved user experience. For us, our website was like the front door where we welcome our customers. We wanted our clients to walk in, and immediately understand and have a good idea of who we are.” – Bill Everett, Architect and Principal at Beaux-Arts Group.

A dynamic website for a dynamic industry

Just like how the needs of our clients are ever-changing, so are the principles of web design. The new website underwent an extensive re-organization of information to more effectively showcase the office furniture products offered, as well as the core industries we specialize in. In addition, the website features high-resolution photo galleries highlighting recent projects and clients we have worked with.

“It is a pleasure to be able to put a spotlight not only on our work but on the unique challenges and solutions that we build with our clients,” says Mr. Everett.


In the near future, the website will be home to the Beaux-Arts Group 3D Experience; an immersive platform that allows users to explore the possibilities of space using virtual-reality enabled devices.

One of the qualities that we are most proud of at Beaux-Arts Group is our unfettered dedication to give our clients the best experience possible. Whether you are visiting our living showroom at our company’s headquarters or speaking to a sales representative over the phone, understanding our clients’ needs every step of the way has always been in the front of our minds.

2019 is poised to be an exciting year for Beaux-Arts Group, and we are pleased to have upcoming news and future announcements on the horizon. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn for the latest.