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Fostering a Positive Work Environment

Work. We spend about a third of our life there – and out of everyone’s best interest – it might as well be a positive place for everyone involved! Yet almost two-thirds of employees experience a disconnect between desired and actual work conditions.

The mood of the office is the intangible that can make or break your company’s success. It takes effort to foster a positive work environment, but it’s worth it. You’ll notice more engaged employees, less turnover, and increased collaboration. In short, your company will fare better and increase profits if the staff’s physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing are valued. Here are only a few ways that positivity can be cultivated effectively in a workspace environment.


Giving your employees some flexibility in their hours and the ability to work remotely isn’t just a perk for the workers, it benefits employers too. According to a recent study by Stanford Graduate School of Business, workers’ performance improved “massively” by 13% and resignation dropped by 50% when employees were presented with flexible work arrangements.

At Beaux-Arts Group, we have worked with companies who successfully adopted flexibility within the office. Consider office features and amenities that give employees options – hot desking, neighborhoods, or additional workstations can give people a fresh change of scenery and spark their creativity. A trend we’ve noticed is the “phone booth” style workstations that gives employees a quiet retreat to work in when an open office gets hectic.

Show Your Appreciation

Acknowledge everyone’s hard work. Sometimes, actions speak louder than words: catered lunch, company sponsored happy hours and half-day Fridays show your employees that you see and appreciate everything they do, day-in and day-out to make the company run smoothly. Even properly celebrating an employee’s birthday can make a big difference in the culture of the office.

Ensure you have spaces in the work environment that support socializing in a group. A well-equipped break room with comfortable seating gives employees a place to recharge and decompress. Also, invest in your employees’ work areas to show that you care. Ergonomic workstations with standing desks or even adding plants and color show your employees that you value them and their comfort at work.

Open Communication

Create an environment that welcomes and encourages communication. It allows employees to feel like they have a voice in the company. Hold open-ended meetings that give everyone a chance to voice ideas. Also, take the time to engage in meaningful non work-related chats. Show employees that you genuinely care for them outside of their working role.

Much of the time, adding and maintaining technology in the workspace can mean all the difference in communication and productivity. Consider high-tech videoconferencing options and large, comfortable conference rooms that both clients and employees enjoy. Many companies have adopted cafes inside the office, which encourage more employee interaction and a non-intimidating area to chat.

A beautiful, functional office space is a must for boosting the mood of an organization. We help our clients cultivate a place that employees truly enjoy spending time in. At Beaux-Arts Group, we have over 30 years creating vibrant workplaces. For more information, contact the Beaux-Arts Group today. We serve Tampa, Orlando, Fort Myers and beyond.