Beaux-Arts Government Office

Designing the Government Office: Balancing Innovation with Tradition

When you picture a government office, what comes to mind? Probably endless cubicles, lots of beige and outdated décor. Government office space is one of the last sectors to truly embrace modern workspaces, and understandably. Budget restrictions and politics are at play. However, by scaling innovation with merging traditional practices and modern workflows, government spaces can be transformed into inspiring, workplaces that both employees and visitors enjoy.

A New Office Era

A major trend in office space is the open layout. This type of office space can increase team communication, inspire collaboration and lower costs — plus, it makes the room feel airy and bright. However, an open office space can be distracting and counterproductive if there isn’t a balance between openness and privacy. Also providing flexible private space allows quiet worktime and meeting spaces for employees and visitors to engage with each other in. New soundproof glass offers the best of both worlds – it feels open but creates separation, sometimes much-needed during a hectic day.

Curating a Look

Office identity is expressed through design. Designing a government office requires careful consideration – it shouldn’t be designed the same way as a trendy tech company, but also should break the mold of a typical bleak government office. One may think, who cares if it’s boring? It saves money to keep it the same. Office design is a valuable investment for businesses and government, as beautiful workspaces inspire productivity and employee satisfaction. Plus, first impressions matter. Many government offices have constituents or the public visiting daily, and sophisticated, thoughtful design sets the tone for a pleasant experience. Sleek, updated lines and tasteful color palettes can freshen up a space while maintaining traditional values of government.

Choose the Experts in Government Design

Trust the professionals with experience in government procedures to make the design and architecture vision a reality. Choose a partner with the credentials to tackle the project, such as LEED® products and GSA contract. Especially in the government sector, there are specific nuances to keep in mind such as strict space requirements, tight design budget and ergonomic specifications.

At Beaux-Arts Group, we have years of experience managing government projects worldwide. Our philosophy is to always put the end-user in mind, and for 30 years we’ve been transforming environments into meaningful workplaces. If you’re ready to take your office space to the next level, contact us and see how Beaux-Arts Group can transform the way you work.