Richard Schultz Outdoor Furniture

Designer Spotlight: Richard Schultz

When Florence Knoll moved to an idyllic seaside home in Florida, she began to encounter a serious problem – her outdoor furniture kept rusting and deteriorating from the salty environment. She enlisted the help of her designers – and Richard Schultz responded with the revolutionary Leisure Collection – an elegant, timeless exterior furniture collection based of aluminum that would stand the test of time.

In this new series from the Beaux-Arts Group, we will highlight iconic designers and their contributions to the world of workspace design. Schultz’ work has long been respected in the field for not only the future-ready and hyper modern designs, but for their practicality and versatility as choice furniture arrangements serving a multitude of purposes.

The Petal Table

One of Schultz’ most famous contributions to the design world is the Petal Table – an elegant, delicate, versatile high-top styled table whose design is a direct inspiration from a roadside weed that Schultz observed one day.

The Petal table is a flower that is always in bloom,” he said. The design was to accompany the Bertoia Chairs that Harry Bertoia designed for Knoll.

The tops on the tables are made of eight petals, which are mounted on a beautifully crafted cast aluminum spider.

Inspired by Queen Anne’s Lace, a beautiful yet common weed, the Petal Table’s design from 1960 has stood out as one of the greatest designs of its time and is part of the design collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

The Leisure Collection

Perhaps the second most famous contribution that Richard Schultz made to the design world was the Leisure Collection of 1966 – a stunning outdoor collection based from aluminum parts that not only served a multitude of environments but would not rust in the salty Florida air. From poolside homes, to large hotels, hospitality groups and even the Museum of Modern Art – the Leisure Collection is an iconic furniture concept that can be seen and used virtually everywhere.

The Swell Collection

In 2007, Richard Schultz released the Swell Collection – a scalable, sofa-based furniture collection that introduced bigger dimensions and deeper seats. Comfortable and modular, the high-end collection has been adopted as a luxury ensemble that makes a bold yet utilitarian statement.

Richard Schultz has devoted more than five decades of his life to designing furniture pieces that have inspired work, leisure, productivity and pleasure. Beaux-Arts Group is a leading Knoll furniture dealer in South Florida, with more than 30 years of experience transforming ordinary spaces to happy, healthy, productive workspaces. For information on product availability and pricing, visit our online catalog, or contact us today to bring your design ideas to life.