Design Dilemma: Finding Furnishings for Your Weirdly-Shaped Workspace

Most office furnishings today are designed with symmetrical spaces in mind, but the evolving needs of many businesses and the modern movement toward open, cohesive floor plans require the use of more dynamic, flexible fixtures. As a result, most offices aren’t simple squares with 4 walls anymore, and plenty of valuable space is being left empty. This wastes not only valuable resources, but also the opportunity for unique and creative work or rest areas for staff and customers. How can you make selections that make the best use of your space? Choosing furnishings for weird spaces may require you to think outside of the oddly-shaped box.

Stay Flexible

When considering office furnishings, you might be set on a certain style or have certain pieces in mind, but choosing fixtures without considering functionality and flow will result in frustration and costly mistakes. Being open to alternative designs and exploring unique uses of versatile pieces can create interesting, efficient spaces for your team.

Get Creative

When it comes to open or oddly shaped spaces, it’s important to get the most out of the space you have. According to a study about proximity and productivity by Harvard Business School, the denser an area is with productive people, the better it was for nearby workers’ productivity, which can be big for your company’s bottom line. Utilize space efficiently with smaller, modular pieces that can be combined into larger stations. This will work for both the collaborative environment of an open floor plan and the needs of individual employees or their efforts, and everyone benefits.

Consider Custom

Finding efficient storage solutions for small or strange spaces may involve considering custom built-ins, custom built pieces, or even specially modified furnishings. There are many options available in terms of designs, materials, finishes, and implementation, so the possibility of creating and item with the perfect fit and function may be a matter of a phone call away.

Don’t Fight Form

Rather than fighting the form of your weirdly-shaped workspace, embrace it! The challenge of creating a unique design that works for you can be an exciting endeavor. Consider working with a professional design team to come up with a functional plan. Not only will the results meet the evolving needs of your company, it will ensure you’re making wise investments in quality pieces that will be conducive to a productive, creative environment.

Frustrated with Odd Office Space?

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