Crucial Things to Get Right During an Office Renovation

Renovating or creating a new office space can be an exciting time for any company. Keeping some important tips in mind can help things go more smoothly.

Involve Employees

Employees who like and feel more comfortable in their workspace are often more engaged and satisfied. Before a renovation, ask employees what they want in their new workspace. It will help you understand what they hope to see in their new space and any current issues they have with their existing situation. They will also feel a part of the process, which could excite and motivate them.

Talk to department heads to make sure you get an accurate headcount about how much space each department is going to need in the present and future. Also, note any special space requirements they may need. Planning for the future could eliminate the need to renovate again in a short time when needs change.

Create Spaces That Match Tasks

Huge, open spaces used to be the trend in office renovations. Many companies soon realized problems with that kind of workspace, mainly distractions and a lack of privacy.

One solution is creating spaces that match what people do. Having a place with comfortable furniture could allow a conversation with others that does not involve a conference room. Places for private phone calls are also important.

Make sure people have a place to store their belongings. A constant feeling of being transient does not foster stability.

Take Time to Plan

It’s easy to get excited and dive right into a renovation. That could be a mistake. Analyze your current situation. What can you keep and what really needs to go? Set a realistic budget with room to handle unforeseen circumstances. Face it, something will probably go wrong during the renovation and will cost extra money.

Make sure to check any legal requirements for office spaces and account for any special accommodations employees may need. Don’t forget to involve the landlord in any renovation plans.

Create a Realistic Schedule

No matter what you do, an office renovation will be disruptive to the workplace. Creating a realistic schedule will help employees plan for any downtime that may happen. Try to keep noise and lighting disruptions to a minimum. If possible, give advance notice of big events so employees can plan accordingly. For example, if the internet will be down one day, try to schedule events or meetings that do not require connectivity.

Keep everyone informed of any changes or delays in the renovation schedule. Periodically take employees through the new spaces to show them the progress.

Hire Professionals

Any renovation or remodeling project is a huge task. Trying to tackle it yourself can be a mistake. Professionals know about hidden costs, ways to save money, and how to deal with unforeseen circumstances.

The professionals at Beaux-Arts Group have years of experience with office renovations and can help you get your project right the first time. Contact us today.