Commercial Furniture: Beauty and Function

Does the idea of “commercial furniture” conjure images of bland, soulless chairs or desks? It doesn’t need to be. But that’s often the reality. According to a study by Management Today, only 37% of respondents feel that their offices were designed “with people in mind.” To attract and retain top talent, beautiful offices and commercial furniture are a must. When outfitting an office space, our top considerations are beauty and function. A marriage of the two fosters the ultimate user experience.


Large companies such as Airbnb recognize the importance of a workplace that not only functions, but inspires. Humans are innately drawn to beauty. When employees love their workspace, they’re happier and more productive.

Today, the lines between home and work are blending; more than ever offices need to consider the look and feel of furniture. A favorite of offices and homes alike: the iconic Barcelona ®  chair by Knoll. Designer Ludwig Mies van der said the chair had to be more than a chair, but a “monumental object.” And today, it’s just that. It’s certainly more than a chair – it’s a piece of art. Whether your commercial furniture includes a Barcelona® chair or not, make sure it’s eye-catching and appealing.


Why do the most beautifully decorated cakes tend taste the worst? We know that function shouldn’t be sacrificed for the sake of beauty – and one isn’t more important than the other. Gorgeous commercial furniture is essentially useless if it doesn’t complement the needs of the user. Smart design does both. At Beaux-Arts Group, we choose commercial furniture that considers space, ergonomics and comfort.

A History of Excellence

For decades, we’ve trusted Knoll for our clients’ projects. Why Knoll? We believe there is no other company that matches its quality or design. “There’s always been what I call the spirit of Knoll,” says Anne Adams Everett, co-founder of Beaux-Arts Group. “It’s very tangible aspect of not just the product, but the whole belief of the company and who they are; there’s so much historical perspective.” Since 1938, Knoll has pioneered a better office space with a commitment to modern design and an understanding of the contemporary workplace. It’s more than attractive furniture. As the Knoll website states, “well-designed objects deliver efficiency, joy and satisfaction to the people who use them.”

We combine intelligent design, research, superior products and innovative thinking to create distinctive, high-performance workplace interiors that address the dynamic needs of our clients. Have a project in mind? We would love to help.