Colors That Promote Productivity in the Office

A coat of paint can brighten up any space, especially an office. Picking the right color can also increase productivity.

Decide the Focus

There is not a one-color-fits all answer to increasing productivity. It depends on what you want to draw attention to.

There are four primary psychological colors, each having a different impact. Blues are for the mind. Yellow is emotional. Red affects your body and green your balance. Other colors are combinations of the four primary ones.

Picking the right color combination for your office can be tricky. Here’s a hint, grey, white, and beige can make people feel sad and gloomy, but colorful accents can improve things.


Blue is common in nature and is a soothing color. It can help calm the mind and help people concentrate and communicate.

Since it helps increase focus, blue can be good for an entire office with other colors for accents. Orange is a good accent color with blue and provides a bit of inspiration.

Blue is good for spaces where there is a lot of brainstorming and detail work happening.


Green is another nature color and has a low wavelength and is harmonizing. It’s good for people who work long hours because it’s easy on the eyes. People can also stay calm and efficient.

Green promotes balance, so it’s helpful for people who feel overwhelmed. It’s good for calm work environments and it inspires innovation.

Paint innovation spaces green as well as places with a lot of computers.


Red is a high-wavelength color and inspires passion and increases blood flow. Red can get the pulse racing. It demands attention and is a powerful color.

Red is good for tasks that involve physical activity and places with a lot of physical exertion. If not, red can be a bit overwhelming and can cause a loss of focus and concentration.

Red is also good for spaces where people work nights because of its energizing effects. It can also be a good accent color, like for a negotiation space.


Yellow is energetic, fresh, and optimistic. It can trigger innovation and creativity. Yellow is emotional and radiates positivity. It can lift confidence level and help people get in the mood to create. Using it as an accent can encourage focus and direction.

But be careful, too much yellow can increase anxiety and raise tempers.

Not Just the Color

You need to choose the color based on the type of work you do in your office. There is no perfect combination.

Picking the right wall color is also about intensity and saturation. First, pick the color or color combination you want, and then pick the brightness and corresponding colors.

Some other color advice: - Don’t have too much of one color. It can throw off the balance in the room. - Stick to a few colors instead of painting a rainbow. - Texture matters. Glossy paint is more energetic, but it could impact lighting.

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