Can Office Feng Shui Work?

An ancient Chinese practice could help productivity in your office. Feng shui has been around for many years and involves spatial arrangement and orientation and how it relates to the flow of energy in a particular space.

Setting Up the Office

Feng shui is all about energy flow or qi. Keeping the flow of energy positive is the key. When placing desks, leave enough space for aisles so energy can move through the room. In other words try to avoid filling a space with too much stuff making it feel cluttered. Curved edges are a good thing, so try to avoid sharp edges with desks and chairs. Plants can help soften corners and edges. Be careful to avoid the lights that produce a lot of glare because it’s bad feng shui and causes irritability and fatigue. As for colors, opt for lighter and more subtle paint colors. Bright colors can be distracting and stressful. The main elements in feng shui are wood, earth, metal, fire, and water. Think about balancing them in your office. Don’t have too much of one at the expense of another. Fire involves the lighting, not actual flames, and stands for transformation and expansion. Metal means power and can mean filing cabinets, computers, etc., in an office. Wood involves growth and creativity, earth is stability and calmness. Water stands for clarity, relaxation, release, and renewal. Artwork can help incorporate some of these elements into a space. It should be inspiring and creative.

Where to Put the Desk

Keeping you in the power position is the goal here. Place your desk so your chair can always see the door and as much of the room as possible. This is a power or commanding position and will allow you to see opportunity as it comes through the door. Also, the person sitting the farthest away from the entrance to a room has the most power. If you share an office, try to avoid sitting back to back or face to face. Both of these positions create conflict, and thereby negative energy. If these arrangements are unavoidable, try to create a small barrier between the two desks or stagger them. Feng shui experts say desk placement is one of the most important adjustments you can make in an office.

Clear the Clutter

Ridding a space of clutter is fundamental in feng shui. Clearing clutter brings in energy that will help with clarity, focus, and inspiration. It allows for new and refreshing ideas and attracts abundance. There will also be space for new projects and creative ideas to grow. Everything in an office has an influence on the people in it and keeping it a positive place with balance and harmony is important in feng shui. The professionals at Beaux-Arts Group can help you create an office space that meets your needs. Contact us today.