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Breaking the Beige: Unexpected Color Palettes for Office Spaces

Gone are the days of expressionless office furniture and neutral wall colors. Today, accent walls and creative color combos are in style, not only as a matter of aesthetic taste. Researchers have determined that color can affect people’s moods, creativity, and productivity. You, too, can harness the positive energy of certain pigment palettes in your office space design.

Blue to Stimulate the Brain

Blue affects the mind. It’s symbolic for thought, focus, and trust. Inject various shades of blue into your office furniture or decor to stimulate the brain while creating a soothing, relaxing work environment. If you work in an analytics-based or similar industry that requires your mind to function constantly, try a blue-centric color palette.

Yellow to Trigger Emotions

Yellow inspires positive emotions. It can help stimulate creativity, confidence, and happiness. To encourage optimism and positivity among employees — particularly if you work in a team environment — add uplifting yellow wall decor or furnishings to your office space design.

Green to Bring Balance

Green goes hand in hand with harmony and stability. It’s calming and reassuring, and it connects people to nature. Green walls and indoor plants can benefit employees who work in high-stress environments or put in long hours. Plus, green is easy on the eyes. When you feel relaxed and at peace in the workplace, you may be more productive in the long term.

Purple to Empower

Purple is an ambitious color. In work environments where you want to foster motivation and focus among employees, aim for light purple wall decor or violet-themed throw rugs. Purple also symbolizes luxury and royalty. Use this color palette to empower and instill confidence in the workplace.

Orange to Encourage Happiness

Orange is a warm and comforting color. It can bring encouragement and confidence to the workplace while also injecting a touch of fun. Many people associate this color with happiness and youth. It’s a great choice for an accent wall, office furniture, or an office design piece you want to draw attention to. Balance out the orange color with more neutral shades to prevent the eye-catching color from becoming overpowering and overwhelming.

Choose a color palette for your office based on your goals. Do you want to stimulate or soothe, reduce stress or encourage creativity? Regardless of the shades you incorporate into your office space, consider their intensity when devising a design. Strong or bright colors excite while low-saturation colors calm. Contact Beaux-Arts Group to begin creating an innovative interior for your office.