Boosting Creativity with Color

Our surroundings influence mood, performance, motivation, even how we interact with others. And an important feature in where we work and play is the color scheme in our environment. Color psychology is a recognized area of research that explores how different colors impact behaviors, moods, and emotions. When designing an office or workspace, you should consider what impact the colors will have on you and others using the space.

For a workplace environment, choosing colors that help to boost creativity, spur productivity, and encourage collaboration is a smart option. But can color do all that? Certainly, not alone. However, giving your workforce the optimal physical environment is a proactive step in the right direction. So, whether you’re starting new or redesigning your commercial building interior, consider the following colors to help create a positive workplace design.

Boost Creativity with Blue

University of British Columbia study from 2009 looked at the effects of blue and red on creativity and learned that blue was a big winner. The blue hue has appealing associations for the creative mind, like the openness of the sky and the ocean. The perceived link to serenity supports an open mind and the security to explore new ideas and concepts. It’s a smart color for meeting rooms and other areas where your creative talent brainstorms.

Generate Inspiration with Green

Green has also been shown to positively impact creativity. This color evokes the ideas of growth and renewal along with the many positive associations that accompany those features. Creativity and inventiveness are key aspects of emotional, psychological, and professional advancements and improvements. Look at ways to pair green and blue for an attractive aesthetic that helps your employees embrace an innovative outlook.

Ration Red for Detailed Work

In that 2009 UBC study, red didn’t lose out entirely. The research results showed that this commanding color can help workers pay more attention to detail. This is a stimulating tone, as well. So, workers may be more motivated and active in an area with red décor accents. Consider red for nighttime work areas and spaces where physical activity is required.

These color ideas can be very helpful when planning your design aesthetic. But application, saturation, and other factors can impact their effectiveness. Happily, our team can offer counsel and guidance to help you make these determinations. If you’re prepared to move forward with skilled interior design for your workplace, turn to our professionals at Beaux-Arts Group. Our team understands the artistry of design as well as the practical applications and technical aspects. Reach out today to discuss your commercial interior design project.