Boost Employee Engagement with Workplace Personality

Employee engagement is a focal point in the development of today’s workplace, because while it seems obvious that a happy staff can keep customers happy, many employers haven’t gotten the memo. According to 2016 Gallup research, only 33% of employees in the US felt engaged, that is, “involved in, enthusiastic about, and committed to their workplace,” and that number had only increased by 3% over the previous four years combined. If employee disengagement costs American companies over $500 billion annually, it makes all the sense in the world to create an engaging environment, and it’s easier and more beneficial than you think.

Office Sweet Office

The office is more than a place to clock in eight hours for pay, it’s an environment where employees spend a good portion of their time, and the space and atmosphere can deeply impact mood and productivity. Employees that have some input over their workplaces have proven to be “happier, healthier and, ultimately, more productive,” says Meredith Wells-Lepley, Ph.D., a senior research associate at the Institute for Workplace Innovation in Daily Worth. If employees have the flexibility to add personal touches in the office, it can ease the emotional exhaustion that can follow a long day at a desk, but it is important to implement balancing guidelines to keep the space tidy, functional, and free of clutter and distraction:

  • Limit Lighting Options
  • Various tasks require different lighting options, but that doesn’t mean a different lamp on every desk in the office. Provide employees with four or five pre-selected styles to choose from for shedding some light on their subjects.

  • Put Fun in Functional
  • If your office space utilizes dividers, it’s a great opportunity to not only to create more private areas but also to increase functionality. Dividers can be made magnetic for display options, with dry erase capabilities for messages or brainstorming, or even with cork board for tacking up important papers, pictures, or samples. If employees have private spaces already, offering the choice of select paint colors can help inspire satisfaction.

  • Nod to Nature
  • Plants in the office go a long way in providing personality and engagement. Data shows that not only can office plants improve air quality and employee concentration and health, they can also improve workplace satisfaction, inspire productivity gains, and reduce absenteeism. Provide employees with a choice of planter and even a selection of plants for their desks. Regularly seeing something nature-based (especially if you don’t have a window or it has a less-than favorable view) can also alleviate stress and result in a greater sense of employee well-being.

Need to Inspire Engagement Through Personality?

At Beaux Arts Group, we balance our services to find balanced solutions to your needs. Whether you’re a designer or architect with a planned furniture purchase and office design vision, or a small business needing a step-by-step approach toward increasing employee engagement, we can provide scalable options for each project. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help!