Benefits of Working in an Office

Many people who work in an office every day fantasize about working from home. Telecommuting isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. There are some benefits to going into an office.

Communication and Innovation

Work isn’t always about tasks. It’s also about collaboration and bouncing ideas off of others. A hallway, breakroom, or even a bathroom discussion can bring about some good ideas. Getting help when you need it is also easier in an office. You can pop your head into the next cubicle for some feedback. Managers also sometimes have problems keeping track of all their people if they are not in the same place. It can also impact the relationship workers have with their supervisors. Learning about each other can be difficult if you are never in the same room together. Some studies have shown people who work form home are not promoted as much as people who work in an office. It follows the ‘out of sight, out of mind’ philosophy. The boss can’t see how hard you work or the extra hours you put into a project. You’re also not around the workplace where discussions about future or potential projects can take place. Some people don’t want to lose that day-to-day contact with management or other coworkers. Telecommuting takes away those opportunities for informal conversations since most discussions with remote workers are scheduled in advance. Being in an office is also a way for coworkers to learn from each other. That is more difficult when people are not physically in the same place. Working at home can be isolating since there is no in-person socialization. Motivation is also important. It’s easy to be distracted at home. There is always laundry that needs to be done, or a pet or child to play with. Focusing on work tasks can be easier when in an office. Working from home takes a lot of self-motivation, and may not be right for everyone. On the other side of things, it can be easy to overwork yourself and put in too many hours while working at home. When there are no set hours, working late can happen. You don’t want to seem like you’re slacking off, so you work extra hard, which can eventually take a toll.

Technology Troubles

It’s sometimes easier to work on a project when the whiteboard with markers and erasers is right in front of everyone. Virtual whiteboards are not the same, especially if an internet connection is slow or not working. Not every job translates to a work-from-home situation. Some people need things they can only find in their offices whether it is technology, a machine, or something else.

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