Beaux-Arts Group: Karen Spotlight

Beaux-Arts Group Employee Spotlight: Karen Giunta

Meet Karen Giunta, Workplace Design Consultant, who’s been creating inspiring, healthy, productive workspaces for the clients at Beaux-Arts Group since 2013. With more than 25 years of professional experience in interior design and commercial construction, Karen designs and produces unique solutions to maximize the benefits for employees as well as employers in workspace design.

We sat down with Karen to discuss design, architecture, and why putting the cart before the horse might be a good idea.

What makes Beaux-Arts Group Different?

Beaux-Arts is a unique group of designers, architects, FF&E (furniture, fixtures, and equipment) experts who work together on solving complex, spatial challenges in the workplace. Whether it’s a corporate office, a school, a hospital, or a government office, we create spaces that help people work better. What really sets Beaux-Arts apart is the passion for service. It’s like our promise to our clients. I make a promise to truly understand their needs, what they need to work happily and efficiently, and I deliver the best solutions possible within their budget and timeframe.

What do you love about your job the most?

There is no greater feeling than having an impact on a person’s life in the way that you design. I love what I do because I’m making a difference; I’m helping create spaces that unlock productivity and where people feel good and work more efficiently.

Sometimes I feel like a therapist because we aren’t just talking about furniture anymore; we are discussing the relationship between workspace design, employee engagement, and desirable employee behavior. It’s exciting to go back to a client after an install and hear thank you because they have employees who are more satisfied with their workplace, are more engaged at work, make better co-workers, and are more supportive of corporate goals. I love what I do because it is cultural, it is collaborative, and it is strategic to business performance.

What are some of the biggest challenges that you solve?

The biggest issue is helping companies understand the ROI on workplace design. The office is an investment, and putting money into the right design, with the proper layout and the right furniture can transform an office from ‘just a place where people work’ into a powerful business tool.  A hurdle we often deal with is that the furniture is not discussed early on in the design process. But, to shift that conversation to the beginning of the process could provide insights and that could guide significant decisions about a renovation, relocation, or expansion.

Maybe that sounds like putting the cart before the horse, but imagine this. More often than not, we are called in to help with space already being built out to discuss furniture needs. We too often deal with frustration when the client sees issues in the layout because of door placement, a private office where a small meeting table can’t fit, or power and data bit where it needs to be. By shifting the mindset and putting the horse in the back and the cart upfront, companies could save time, money, and make better design choices. 

What’s your approach to solving these kinds of design challenges?

When in the discovery phase with a clients, I want to know about the activities and behaviors that support and drive their values and vision. When this conversation begins earlier in the process we are actually able to analyze the needs and challenges and identify potential design solutions. To understand the differences of circumstance, industry, and individual ambition of departments and employees is what creates a workplace that will operate at its fullest potential.

Our Beaux-Arts office is a living showroom, and we’re designed to be able to show our clients different concepts for design. Each industry, each company, each department has different needs. You need to ask all these questions and understand how they work in order to create an environment that will work for them.

Dedicated to using best-of-breed design solutions for her clients, Karen is ready to help your organization achieve new levels of productivity in the workplace. Contact the team at Beaux-Arts Group today to turn inspiration into reality.