5 Tips for Office Organization

An organized workspace can help increase productivity and creativity as well as reduce stress for employees. Getting things in order does not have to be a monumental task, and even small changes can make a huge impact on the way your office feels. For the bigger things, tackle them in stages.


Get rid of things you do not use. Shred documents you do not need. Remove unnecessary furniture, files, and other items from your office. The main goal of the purge is to have only necessary items in your office space. This initial task could take a few hours or a few days, but it needs to be done.

De-Clutter the Desk

Look at what is on your desk now. Does it need to be there? Could it go somewhere else? If it isn't something you use every day, find another place for it. Move the printer off the desk and into its own space. A printer stand will keep the printer nearby and free up coveted space on the desk. It will even provide some storage for extra paper and other items. Once you put things back, do the reach test. Are all the things you need within reach? If you don't need it often, push it back.

Create Different Workspaces

Having different work zones can increase efficiency. Maybe have a computer work station and a non-computer work station. The computer work station is where most of spend most of our time. The monitor should be in a good position, at eye level and about 17 inches away from your body. Keep your phone and office supplies you use frequently on your dominant side so you don't have to reach across your body. The non-computer work area can be on the same desk, but in a different area away from cords, monitors, chargers, etc. Use this area to read documents, write things down, and other activities that don't require a computer.

Use a Filing System

Keeping papers organized can help keep the office functional. If there is room on the desk, have separate inboxes for new items that need attention and another box for things that need some action, but not necessarily urgently. Digitize files you can store electronically. Make sure you're backing those up regularly. File papers weekly so they don't pile up. Keeping with the filing will make it less daunting.


A good label maker can help keep your organized. Label drawers, boxes, and files so you know where things go. Seeing the labels will remind you to put things in their designated place. This will also help other people keep you organized if they share space.

Tidy Up Every Day

Before leaving your office space, put things away and take care of tasks that can't wait. This way, it will be clean and ready when you return. If you need help organizing your space or want to design an office, the professionals at Beaux-Arts Group can help. Give us a call today.