Beaux-Arts Grouop - 5 Future Senior Care Trends

5 Future Trends to Watch for in Senior Care Facility Design

While aging is beyond our control, how we and our loved ones spend our senior days is something we can exercise some amount of control over. As the Baby Boomers grow older, senior care will become an increasingly important focus in the design space as living care providers will need to cater to the demand of the world’s largest generation.

At Beaux-Arts Group, we have more than 30 years of experience helping senior care facilities solve complex challenges through custom interior spaces that adapt to users’ needs. Below are trends that we can expect to see more of in senior care facility design as we look to the future:

Integrated Technology

Baby boomers are more likely to embrace technology than previous generations – just look at the growing number of older people using social media, iPads, and apps. This change will reflect more in senior living moving forward, with high-tech amenities such as remote-controlled thermostats and doors, plus senior-friendly phones with larger screens.

Going Green

Integrating eco-friendly measures not only helps the environment but also helps a senior care facility improve its bottom line. Examples include water conservation measures like eco-friendly faucets and shower heads and renewable energy use, such as solar panels. Plus, an eco-friendly facility will attract the growing number of environmentally-conscious Baby Boomers.

Wellness Focus

The importance of mental health and total-body wellness is now mainstream in our society, and we’ll continue to see this reflected in senior living design. Expect to see more health-centered amenities like spas, walking trails and fitness centers, in addition to natural elements brought indoors in the form of plants, natural textures, and increased natural light sources.

Improved Living Space

Thankfully, senior living facilities increasing their focus on the improved daily experience of its residents. Design of these facilities will be integrating perks with comfort in mind, such as walk-in closets, larger kitchenettes, and spacious bathrooms. Instead of feeling like a sterile, generic facility, these homey touches will make the resident feel at ease.

Sophisticated Dining Experiences

Say goodbye to the days of bland, subpar dining at senior living facilities. A fresher approach is gaining popularity, changing the experience to be more restaurant-like. Many senior living facilities are creating a wide variety of meal options and on-site snack bars, combined with elegant dining rooms to create a pleasant overall experience for both residents and visitors.

Senior citizens should be rewarded for many years of hard work with a beautiful, functional place to live. Luckily, senior living facilities are taking additional notice of how thoughtful design and architecture can truly shape the wellbeing, both physically and mentally of its residents. At the Beaux-Arts Group, we specialize in senior living solutions that enhance living spaces for all phases of senior life. For more information, contact us today.