4 Simple Ways to Make an Office More Inviting

If you want your office environment to be strong, it is critical to focus on the behavioral environment, as indicated by a 2008 study in the journal Facilities. The study, led by Barry P. Haynes, found that the manner in which different people interact had a significant influence on productivity in each of four different work pattern scenarios.

Now, there is another major side of your office that you can alter to get better productivity, which is the physical setting. In an era of increased workforce mobility and flexibility of both time and place, companies may feel hesitant to invest in the development of an inviting office. However, "workspace futurist," business consultant, and author Jacob Morgan advised that building a powerful physical space for your company is still an extremely wise choice. One reason the physical surroundings are so key is that well-being among your staff leads to higher productivity levels. A slight alteration in well-being could have a sizable influence on the performance of your office – and the physical space is one of the most important contributors to well-being. Here are a few ideas, including some design tips, to help you create an office space that will engage your staff and lead to better outcomes for your business:

1.) Beat back the clutter.

You do not want to have a disorganized office, noted Jessica Stillman in Inc. Removing clutter will have a seismic impact on the tone of the office and how calm people are able to feel within it. How do you curb clutter? With policies that encourage organization and storage, and in other ways control clutter before it happens. Another major concern related to a sense of clutter is computer cords. Put a plastic bread-bag tag on each of the cords, wrap everything with strips of Velcro, obtain some clips or eye hooks, and carefully contain it all behind each desk.

2.) Use splashes of colors to enliven smaller areas.

Improving your physical atmosphere is not just about picking things up. You need a plan for its design. Color has a major impact on our emotions and how we act, so it can certainly be used to deliver an inviting office. Small accents on accessories (lamp shades, ottomans, stools, etc.) or the walls can be a way to bring the feel of your company into the space. You will make the area feel larger and bolder. You can also leverage various colors to impact the employment of your staff. While yellow will enhance ideation and illumination, blue will bring about a sense of calm and stability. Since color is so incredibly potent in swaying our emotions, it is integrated into many design tips.

3.) Optimize your conference room for collaboration.

Is your conference room doing what it can to foster an inviting office? Elements that should be included in a conference room that truly captivates are visual devices – such as touchscreen monitors, chalkboards, and whiteboards. Imagery aids and readymade presentation devices can be extraordinarily helpful in group environments. By building a better conference room, “[y]ou’ll be able to convey meanings more freely, and identify and solve problems quickly,” according to Australia's Facility Management Magazine.

4.) Get all-natural.

One of the surest design tips for an interior is to include the natural world. The science shows that nature improves both happiness and creativity. For example, a 2014 study by psychologist Dr. Chris Knight of Exeter University, simply introducing plants into a barren office environment boosts productivity 15%. Other ways to introduce nature include orchids, seashells, stones, and aquariums.

Moving forward

Do you want to make your workspace more inviting, both to your employees and to any guests? The above ideas are just a beginning if you want your office to welcome, engage, and inspire. At Beaux-Arts Group, we incorporate intelligent design, research, superior products and innovative thinking to create distinctive, high-performance workplace interiors that address the dynamic needs of our clients. View our work.