4 Office Spring Cleaning Tips

In a busy workplace, setting aside time and resources to get organized is often the last priority. However, just like homeowners, businesses are smart to do periodic cleaning and decluttering. After all, workspace clutter creates negative impressions.

An indication of the power of messiness is captured well in a poll of employees’ perceptions of their coworkers’ desks. The survey, conducted by job placement company Adecco in 2012, found that 57% of office personnel think poorly of their colleagues when their environment isn’t neat. In fact, 50% of workers reported having been “appalled” by a coworker’s desk.

Similarly, a Staples survey of UK office workers revealed that most “feel an immediate rise in stress when faced with a messy desk each morning – yet only half of them tidy their desks at least once a month,” according to Human Resources.

It can help to have a plan to get organized. Here are seven spring cleaning tips that can improve any office, one messy workspace at a time.

Create zones within the workspace

Peter Walsh, an organizational consultant, says that everyone within your office environment should rethink their workspace so that it is optimized for everyday use. Keep in mind that the real goal is sustainable organization, so it helps to categorize how everything will be arranged through a system of zones, such as:

• PC zone
• Research zone
• Storage zone
• Filing zone.

What’s within reach should be relevant

If you can reach it, it should be relevant to the current activity. One mistake that is commonly made is keeping extra supplies or archives on or under a desk when they would more reasonably be placed within a storage container. When approaching spring cleaning, employees should think about how to create space for themselves.

Clear out paper every day

"The paperless office is a farce," time-management expert Laura Stack told Forbes. "Most professionals today are buried under paperwork."

Since paper represents a major threat as potential workspace clutter, employees can make the way they process it more efficient by pre-sorting it into various baskets – such as mail, items to be filed, articles to read, etc. Then they can set aside a day of the week to take care of any remaining basket items.

Add plants

In a piece for the Professional Convention Management Association, David McMillin noted that when you de-clutter, it’s also a great time to generally improve your office environment. Don’t forget houseplants. A 2014 study by psychologists at Exeter University found that they can boost productivity by 15%.

Rethink your space

Spring cleaning is a great time to get organized, as suggested in the above tips. It also represents an opportunity to rethink your space.

At Beaux-Arts Group, we are here to help. Just as individual employees can streamline their workspaces to best accomplish daily tasks, we create distinctive interiors that meet the dynamic needs of our clients.